Something about Bella

Bella is an accomplished coach and has 30 years experience of working with people at their most vulnerable and resourceful in the Public, Private and Not for Profit sector.

She began her career as a nurse and midwife before being involved across private and public sectors in Training and Development in HR and Organisational Behaviour.

Life has thrown her many curved balls and the challenges she has faced make her very real today. This is reflected in her grounded, inquisitive and compassionate coaching style. She is an enabler of positivity, unique perspectives, independent thought, resillience and generosity of spirit.

She lives an island life on Guernsey, with her 3 lively teenagers, which she loves for its beauty, agility and aspiration to be one of the happiest and healthiest places to live on earth.

If you haven’t noticed, Bella loves the Arts, in particular photography for the stories they tell and the empathy and compassion they unlock…her thanks are extended to Parisian photographer Gregoire Eloy for allowing her to use his photos of Guernsey to illustrate the language of coaching. Also, thanks to Fiona Adams for taking pictures of Bella, in her unique style.

Bella is an Master Practitioner Systemic Team Leadership Coach, Executive Coach and Resilience Coach.

Her coaching training from the AoEC in London became 3 years of extensive training which largely taught her to believe that everyone holds an inner genius and a need to belong, be loved and contribute in a meaningful way.

Bella also holds a Masters Degree in Health Management and her thesis was on Motivation, inspired from her interest in what moves people to a healthier and happier place.

She is also CEO@ Health Connections LBG

Bella has developed a values model called The Full Embodiment of Coaching This involves paying attention to:

  • Wisdom, knowledge and context (head)
  • Generosity and compassion (heart)
  • Authenticity and integrity (soul)
  • Respect and trustworthiness (gut)
  • Discipline and accountability (voice)
  • Courage (neck)
  • Adaptability (limbs)
  • Personal responsibility (shoulders)
  • Creativity and diversity (neck)
  • Growth and development (mind)

Typically, her clients are those seeking to:

  • Improve health, self care and wellbeing.
  • Enhance personal growth and development.
  • Develop integrity and authenticity.
  • Find purpose and meaning.
  • Improve their environments with shared values.
  • Tackle deep rooted patterns of unhelpful behaviour.
  • Increase motivation and resilience.
  • Value limited resources and increase sustainability.
  • Build human capital and develop talent.
  • Manage transitions and transformations.
  • Increase creativity and innovation.
  • Improve performance, effectiveness and impact.
  • Create and support compassionate communities.
  • Encourage philanthropy and social responsibility.