Nicolle Lamb

Nicolle is the CEO and Founder of Lane Marketing. Lane Marketing is a full-service digital marketing agency that specializes in analytics, talent management, and growth strategies, and Operational Efficiencies. Nicolle is also the founder of WINGS (Women In New Growth Situations). In the demands of this world and the chaos of life, she wanted to carve out a little place where women lift each other up! This group stands for encouragement, mentorship, support, discussion, growth, motivation and so much more! The goal is to add a little bit of GLITTER to each other’s day and support each other along the way!

Previously, Nicolle was with Dealer Inspire, now a member of the ecosystem and a certified advertising and technology provider for 24 OEM brands with over 700 employees and 3,000 clients. While with Dealer Inspire, Nicolle held multiple roles managing all tiers within the automotive industry. Nicolle was part of the executive leadership team and a key leader within the organization.

Skilled in Marketing, Management, Digital Strategy, Customer Acquisition and Service, Sales, Employee Relations, Mentoring, and Growth Management, Nicolle is a strong business development professional with a keen understanding of what it takes to grow a successful team. She prides herself on helping her leadership team hone their skills and drive excellence for the company.

Nicolle resides in Chicago with her husband and three kids.  When Nicolle isn’t working or with her kids at baseball or softball games, you can find her spending quality time outdoors – running, biking, or hiking. And new to this list in 2020 is kayaking!!!!

In addition to all of her ambitions at her day job, Nicolle has multiple “side hustles”. She is a decorator, blogger (, a DIYer (YouTube – Cocopache), working to publish her first book about her journey when her youngest was diagnosed with Congenital Heart Disease, and currently writing a memoir about her childhood. Her story has always been about overcoming obstacles and making her dreams come true.