A dream come true for me this year is to publish this amazing book. It’s a planner, journal, tracker, and really so much more. I wanted one place to capture all of the things I am doing at WINGS Coaching. And to blend the ebbs and flows of the super drive/hustle with the slowdown and take a moment vibes. On one hand we are feeling this urge to go go go and really get things done, but on the other, especially after 2020, we are connecting with this notion of taking time out for ourselves and taking better care of ourselves. I think it is truly the best gift we were given in 2020. The realization that “me time” isn’t selfish and that it is truly a necessary part of our lives was something I think we all can say we gained. So here it is, The Boost Life Book. A little bit of everything wrapped up in one great little book!

I want it to be a place where we turn the page and feel a burst of inspiration or turn the page and feel a little love. I can tell you a lot of love went into it. Thoughtful writing and prompts allow you to have moments of thoughtful writing. I wanted each page to feel like I am here cheering you on throughout the whole year. And boosting our lives just felt like the right feeling! We all need that boost throughout the year to push us to achieve our goals and take time out for ourselves! So here it is ladies! Your Boost Life Book!



It is going to help you organize your WINGS Goal and monitor your fitness & wellness. There is a space to track your habits, both the ones you want to make and the ones you want to break! There are prompts for thought provoking journaling & gratitude. Plan your bucket list travel, take on that big project you’ve been putting off and oh, have a whole lot of fun along the way!