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Dealing With Setbacks and Obstacles

  Motivation is the driving force that propels us to achieve our goals and aspirations. However, setbacks and obstacles are inevitable in our pursuit of success. They can come in various forms, such as failure, rejection, criticism, and unforeseen circumstances. When we encounter setbacks or obstacles, our motivation can take a hit, and we may […]


Show Your Glitter!

Be brave! Go for your dreams! Let’s create a world for our daughters and our sons! Let’s speak up when someone wrongs us and show compassion when someone needs our empathy! Let’s show up for one another! You are enough! You are beautiful! And I’m so happy you are ALL in my life! Conquer a […]


Make Fun Happen

Let’s add a little fun and whimsy to our month! Each month we are going to do a little project or activity that will add a smile to our face and make it all just a little more fun! If it is a crafting prompt, you need to go to Pinterest and search the prompt. […]

Make Fun Happen

Kim and Nicolle posing and smiling together.
How it began

Kim and Nicolle met a few years ago and there was an instant connection. In 2020 Nicolle started a women’s group called WINGS (Women in New Growth Situations). Kim invited Nicolle and WINGS to host a monthly Women’s Circle. Through dynamic guests and amazing interviews, Nicolle and Kim quickly saw that this circle needed to expand and started to embark on creating this podcast. Together, their vibrant and bright personalities light up any room. Joining forces and bringing their light to this new podcast is a dream come true for both of them. Each week they will be interviewing a guest. Their “Crush” of the week! Spreading kindness, inspiring stories, and examples of fellowship is something they can’t wait to see grow. And along the way, they may share the new accessory or shoe they are crushing on too!

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