“Supporting impactful, sustainable personal, organisational and community transformation”

Bella Farrell’s journey has lead her to establish her own private coaching practice called WINGS!

The idea for WINGS emerged after a few challenging life changing years when one day she wrote “GROWING” on her kitchen chalk board and decided to train formally as a Coach.

Initially, she thought she would practice life coaching but ended up becoming a Master Practitioner Systemic Team Leadership Coach, Executive Coach and Resilience Coach.

She hadn’t realised that her extensive coaching training at the Academy of Executive Coaching in London would take 3 years of challenging self development and rigorous learning. Now, she is certain that this level of training is necessary to retain the integrity of the Coaching profession.

She has developed her unique coaching style which demonstrates her holistic approach to coaching and says, ‘ goals related models are limiting in a fast moving world that presents so many emergent possibilities for co creation’.

Her coaching practice at WINGS supported by 30 years of experience of working with people at their most vulnerable and resourceful, involves paying attention to the whole person within a much broader ecosystem:

  • Wisdom, knowledge and context (head),
  • Generosity and compassion (heart),
  • Authenticity and integrity (soul),
  • Respect and trustworthiness (gut),
  • Discipline and accountability (voice)
  • Courage (neck)
  • Adaptability (limbs)
  • Personal responsibility (shoulders)
  • Creativity and diversity (neck)
  • Growth and development (mind)

Typically, her clients range from school leavers to senior executives seeking to:

  • Enhance personal growth and development.
  • Develop authenticity and enhance purpose and meaning in their lives.
  • Improve their environments with shared values.
  • Tackle deep rooted patterns of unhelpful behaviour.
  • Increase motivation and build resilience.
  • Value limited resources and increase sustainability.
  • Build human capital and develop talent.
  • Manage transitions and transformations.
  • Increase creativity and innovation.
  • Improve performance, effectiveness and impact.
  • Create and support compassionate communities.
  • Encourage philanthropy and social responsibility.

John Leroy Joyce from the AoEC says, ‘Bella’s grounded, inquisitive and compassionate coaching style ensures she is an enabler of positivity, unique perspectives, emergent possibilities, independent thought and generosity of spirit”.

Bella has now launched WINGS website which is beautifully illustrated by Guernsey Photography Festival photographers Gregoire Eloy and Fiona Adams. Both artists were able to illustrate the language and ART of Coaching for her.
Bella is CEO of Health Connections LBG which she loves for its mission “To ensure that all people in the Bailiwick are connected to support and information that enables them to live healthier, happier and more fulfilling lives”. www.healthconnections.gg.

These days life is abundant and her joy is to find ordinary days, extraordinary and in tiny ways to support impactful, sustainable personal, organisational and community transformation.

Contact Bella via www.wings-coaching.com