Coaching is not just two people
It is about two worlds
In the world of the client there is a challenge…
and the capacity to overcome this challenge.
Challenges can look like this:

Or like that:

Though at first, they often look like this…

In coaching, the world of the coach becomes a mirror

in which the client explores the world’s reflection.

Identifies and names the challenge…

Untangles its components…

Maps their connections…And understand their context.

Through the ephemeral interaction of two worlds, awareness is gained about assumptions, models, and approaches.

New possibilities are explored

Aspirations are unearthed, with honesty and courage

Strategies are devised, tested, and acted upon

One world becomes a clearer place

And one person’s sense of self is restored.

Because coaching is not just about two worlds brought together by a challenge

Its about two people….Adding value to one life.