Systemic Team Coaching

Systemic Team Coaching is a process of coaching the whole team together and apart over a designated period to collaborate and learn across diversity, develop collective leadership, align on a common purpose and effectively engage with their key stakeholders.

Systemic coaching with Bella involves:

  1. Clarifying who or what the team is in service of?
  2. Supporting teams in their understanding of the broader systems in which they function, in order to accelerate their effectiveness, cohesion, focus and performance and sense of wellbeing.
  3. Identifying their common purpose, motivational roots, collective endeavour and shared values.
  1. Raising awareness of who the actual client or team is and what really matters to them, their teams and their wider stakeholder group (the ecosystem of stakeholders).
  2. Defining and aligning personal and organisational purpose with those of stakeholders and wider PESTLE “ecosystem”.
  1. Supporting the team in the listening, exploration and action stage, working on the connections and relationships between my client and their stake-holders.
  2. Ensuring their systems, processes, styles, skills, structure, shared values / culture supports their common purpose.
  1. Working at a fundamental level, focusing on self-awareness, systems thinking and being open to enabling emergence of possibility, growth and transformation (personal, organisational and community).
  2. Creating a space to think and dare to be different and find their unique self.
  3. Building authenticity: “what makes their heart sing, unlocking their internal genius, increasing their confidence and credibility and building their capacity and capability.
  1. Increasing social capital by supporting people to be better innovators, better leaders and better people now and for the future.
  2. Supporting innovation by developing new systems and processes and ways of being.
  1. Reviewing, reflecting and learning to ensure that we together (Coach and team) have been focused on the value creation for all of the team’s stakeholders.
  2. Continuous review and learning: supporting challenging coaching with clean language and core learning from what is painful and difficult.

“Performance is not about meeting numerical targets but about becoming excellent in meeting the needs of those you serve”

Peter Hawkins 2017

The desired outcomes:

  • Clients prioritise a sense of health and wellbeing in their lives in service of themselves, their colleagues, friends, family, now and for the future.

  • Clients find their Wings for their uniquely personal sense of meaning and purpose and still remain aligned to the common purpose of their family, organisation or wider community.

  • Clients raise awareness of who they are and what really matters to them, their teams and their wider stakeholder group (aka; the ecosystem of stakeholders) which enables them to exploit previously unseen opportunities.

  • Clients overcome obstacles in themselves, restoring a personal sense of authenticity, confidence, competence and credibility; which “the system” in which they find themselves in, may have undermined.

  • Clients take responsibility for enhancing and balancing a higher sense of meaning & purpose with realistic practical and sustainable potential & productivity.

  • Teams create a performance drive that is collaborative, outer focused /future fit but motivated from within / today and understands more fully, who they serve and support and how they can connect and co create with synergy; as a whole rather than as individuals.

  • Communities build human and social capital and value wellbeing, fulfilment and thriving and consider the responsibility that they have in positive global social impact.

  • A future that upholds values of compassion, kindness, authenticity, transparency, flexibility and inclusion.