Resilience Coaching

Working with people to help them adapt to change and stress in life

Bella works with people adapting to change or experiencing stress, which is effecting their health and wellbeing, to find and extend their personal resilience and potential.

She supports her clients through coaching them to a place of enhanced personal growth, adaptability, and more sustained performance and wellbeing. In her words, her client “GroWings” to be more of who they are, and what they are capable of, without settling on “just being ok or getting by”.

Her clients build their resilience by finding greater meaning and purpose to their daily lives by reconnecting with what really motivates* them and what really makes their ‘hearts sing’ and using this raised awareness to give themselves direction, purpose, aspiration, hope, and a set of achievable goals to focus on and feel connected to.

As a result of her coaching, her clients also reconnect with their personal strength, their inner resources and genius through having an increased appreciation of their values, talents, aspirations and priorities and then take renewed personal responsibility for living them.

Through her holistic coaching intervention her clients form deeper, more accepting, empathetic relationships with others. Whilst, at the same time, remaining resourceful and more compassionate and accepting towards themselves.

This increases their capacity for discovering and living healthier, more purposeful and more meaningful lives and by making more meaningful connections, their resilience is enhanced and new possibilities emerge.

Meanwhile, more of their energy, intelligence, integrity and capability is brought to the service of their individual lives, their friends and family network and the organisations and communities in which they live,
now, and for the future.