Q1 Review of Focus of the Week Videos

Posted on April 11th, 2022

We’ve been moving and a grooving on these Focus of the Weeks! Are you up to date? Making progress?

Let’s recap what we put together for January, February and March.

January was all about YOU. A New You in ’22! A You that is focused on YOU! And we are working toward writing our love letter to ourselves. That’s the number one thing I am hearing from all of the feedback on The Boost Life Book! You beautiful women are having a really hard time writing your Love Letters to yourselves! So we are going to focus each week and put the steps together to get us to 11/11/2022 and our BIG EVENT! The Second Annual WINGS Women’s Conference where we are going to write a letter to ourselves among many other amazing things. Stay tuned! It will be here before we know it!

January focused on Habits, Empowering Yourself, Identifying Your Strengths, Controlling Your Social Media and Tapping into Your Aura! Whew! That’s a lot of awesomeness! And a lot of great steps to loving yourself every single day! January Focus of the Week Playlist

In February we focused on Decluttering our Mind, Body and Surroundings! February Focus of the Week Playlist Whew! Easier said than done! FOR SURE! But we are always a work in progress! And that’s the most important part! Don’t hate yourself through the process, beautiful! You’ve got this!

March we explored all the things that make us BLOOM. March Focus of the Week Playlist Or at least we tried to. We are so bad at this. Setting aside time to really know what makes us bloom and sets our heart on fire! But tapping into what makes us happy (aka BLOOM). Week two we talked about Make Time to Reconnect. It’s been a long couple years and although we gained a lot of silver lining in the slow down, our connections really took a hit! SO, get out there and reconnect with those people that bring out the BEST in you! You know, someone that you leave and feel so good about everything afterwards! They are so amazing and being around them can really mend all of your frayed pieces!

Oh, then we dove into Making a Plan and really putting some pen to paper! The Daily Stoic a new book I am reading called this out and I realized that although I am a planner, there are some things I don’t plan for and needed my attention! So we dove in. Headfirst to the deep end! Whew! It’s never easy, but it feels great after. (Just like exercise. UGH! Why can’t I get that one to stick in my brain? LOL) Sorry, tangent!

Back to business. And rounding out our Q1 and March was Use Our Obstacles. Yep, you heard that right. You know how when you think of that big goal you want or that dream you are dreaming and all of those obstacles start flying at your face! Well, master trick is to flip them around, write them down and use them as stepping stones! I can see you, your beautiful bare feet and that flowing sundress as you travel across the river one stone at a time! Can you see that image? Visualizing each one as you use it to propel you. You see, one obstacle at a time actually becomes one milestone at a time and when you overcome it, you launch yourself forward toward that end goal! Try it! You’re going to be amazed at what you can do!

And all of this is getting you closer to LOVING YOU! Because that’s our goal in ’22!

Nothing else is more important WINGS!

You’re beautiful! You’re enough! And I hope you get closer to that feeling every single day!

Until then, watch this video Focus of the Week (RECAP) and let’s get there together! One step at a time!