Executive Coaching

Executive coaching supports people at work to be the best they can be.

Bella trained as Executive Coach at the Academy of Executive Coaching in London. She is inspired by people and organisations ability for transformational growth and believes everyone can “GroWings and Flourish at work”.

Her coaching model is called The Collaboration of the Seas (C’s) which is a metaphor, inspired by the idea that we are all inextricably linked with our ‘whole’ environments, both affecting and being affected by the context in which we live.

“When going to Sea, with the Captain, there is an ever evolving collaboration of forces, throughout the different seasons, with different tides and weather conditions, in various boats and with ever changing crew”.
This plays out particularly in the people she coaches, who balance their family commitments with the demands and culture associated with the mainstream workplace.

As she works at a more fundamental level, focusing on beliefs, values and attitude, this model promotes self-reflection, learning and opportunities for growth that may not have been reached by using a more solution focused performance coaching approach.

She coaches to restore and retain a sense of balance and wellbeing as well as confidence, competence and credibility in peoples life at home and work.