Dealing With Setbacks and Obstacles

  Motivation is the driving force that propels us to achieve our goals and aspirations. However, setbacks and obstacles are inevitable in our pursuit of success. They can come in various forms, such as failure, rejection, criticism, and unforeseen circumstances. When we encounter setbacks or obstacles, our motivation can take a hit, and we may […]

Top 5 Things To Do To Stay Motivated

Feeling overwhelmed by too many things to do can be a major motivation blocker. It’s hard to focus on one task when you have a hundred other things running through your mind. It can be challenging to prioritize your tasks and stay on top of everything. In this blog, we’ll explore why feeling overwhelmed can […]

Staying Motivated Is So Hard!

Do you ever feel like you’re just spinning your wheels, trying to stay motivated but never quite getting anywhere? Do you struggle to find the energy and focus you need to achieve your goals? One possible reason for this lack of motivation is a lack of clarity about what you want to achieve. When you […]

Mamabear and her cub

Finding My Way

I’ve been told I come off as too strong and direct. I was a bit of a live wire when I was in my 20s and early 30s. I smile as I remember how passionate about my job, my people and my beliefs I was. It was as if I was ready for battle if […]

Q1 Review of Focus of the Week Videos

We’ve been moving and a grooving on these Focus of the Weeks! Are you up to date? Making progress? Let’s recap what we put together for January, February and March. January was all about YOU. A New You in ’22! A You that is focused on YOU! And we are working toward writing our love […]

5 Star Review

Getting Reviewed on Two Two Twenty Two

2.2.2022 TWO, TWO, TWO THOUSAND TWENTY TWO… WHO ARE YOU? I was at a Google Leadership Conference a few years ago and one of the activities was to reach out to 5 people for feedback. The exercise instructed us to pick 5 co-workers either present or past and ask them to describe our 3 best […]

The Bluebird Bookcover

Excerpt From The Bluebird

Excerpt from The Bluebird (Memoir by Nicolle Lamb, still a work in progress) I remember being about 11 years old the first time my mom asked me, “What should we do?”. Yes, eleven. That sits on me differently now since I have three children of my own and they have all seen their eleventh year. […]

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WINGS: What’s it all about?

Welcome to WINGS. If this is your first time being here, welcome. If you are returning, thank you for being a part of this amazing community! I’m Nicolle Lamb and the founder of WINGS. I’m so proud of what we are building and I couldn’t do it without all of you! In 2019 I took […]

Make Fun Happen

Let’s add a little fun and whimsy to our month! Each month we are going to do a little project or activity that will add a smile to our face and make it all just a little more fun! If it is a crafting prompt, you need to go to Pinterest and search the prompt. […]